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A new type of market in Lima


Mercado 28 is not just a restaurant, nor a food court, , but also browse through the stands trying a little here and a little there. Here, you can enjoy a good meal, discover new spaces and as a bonus, delight in the histories and stories that embellish each dish.  Here in Mercado 28 we don’t have vendors and customers, we have neighborly bonds and warm relationships where formalities are replaced with “thanks for visiting”.



The offer

18 permanent food stands, carefully selected, with a wide range of flavors and styles – from traditional Peruvian food to fusion, Spanish, Italian and even Hawaiian – by renowned Peruvian chefs or brands sharing space with young entrepreneurs opening their first establishments.

The first step

Inspired by successful food markets such as Chelsea Market in New York, Foodhallen in Amsterdam and the Mercado San Miguel in Madrid, four young entrepreneurs led the launching of Mercado N° 28, the first gastronomic market in Peru. 


The location

Located on the second floor of the Balboa Strip Mall in Miraflores, a terrace of 800 m2 (8600 sq ft) perfect for enjoying your morning coffee, lunch with family or friends or drinks at the end of the day without worrying about anything besides your next order.