The best of the Amazon in one place: ‘paiche’ (araipama fish), ‘cecina’ (smoked pork jerky) ‘tacachos’ (roasted banana croquettes), ‘juanes’ (rice tamales), ‘maduros’ (sweet fried plantains), ‘chonta’ (peach palm), mucilage, ‘patacones’ (green fried plantains) stuffed with cecina, onions and ají pepper salsa, and coconut ceviche for our vegetarian/vegan guests. This stand’s savory amazonic cuisine is sure to win Lima over. 

History: The Amazon’s gastronomy’s ambassador, Mrs. Elia García de Reátegui, has turned into an emblem of the Amazonian region thanks to her efforts to rescue Tarapoto’s typical cuisine through La Patarashca restaurant. Now her children, Emil and Cindy, are taking over and bringing her mother’s traditional and creative recipes to Lima, as well as local ingredients thanks to their work with small farmers in the region.

Chef’s Recommendation: Cocoa Mucilage Smoked Ribs.

Hours: Monday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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