Nothing like good ingredients to guarantee a successful recipe. Such is the case for Blu: ice cream made daily using fresh, natural milk and seasonal fruits without adding any artificial flavoring, just like in a true artisanal gelateria. Blu offers gelatos and sorbets in over forty different flavors: pineapple, sweet passion fruit, watermelon, passion fruit and mango, mint and ‘muña’ (mint-like Peruvian herb), coffee and cherimoya, and many others.

History: Before they were partners, Laura Lucangeli and Nicolás Palma were friends - friends who one day realized that there was no authentic Italian gelateria in Lima, and decided to undertake a learning trip that took them through Italy, Argentina and Germany in search of the recipe for the best Italian ice cream. That's how Blu was born, in a cozy place in Barranco where grown ups and kids alike wait for their turn.

Recomendación del heladero: PENDIENTE

Hours: Monday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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